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Concise, Comparable and Powerful Information distills the complexity into actionable segments.

The intuitive nature of the High Line Health user experience belies the fact that, just under the surface, is one of the most powerful and dynamic health care analytic engines available anywhere. We have created an environment that begins with the visualization of information. Insights gained from this visualization then trigger further analysis. Sharing of the resulting information culminates in change.

In some instances, initial observations may prompt the need for more extensive data studies in order to fully understand a trend or pattern. Often, this requires analysis down to the individual claim or even line level. The High Line Health platform has been designed to also meet the demand of your power users. We provide advanced online analytic processing tools that are fast and powerful. This enables ACO analytic staff to instantaneously drill to claim level detail with response times measured in seconds.

  • Fast, powerful data accessibility
  • Dynamic visualization
  • Innovative, on-line analytical tools
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The alignment of financial incentives carries with it a unique opportunity to coordinate and control .

To be successful, Accountable Care Organizations will need to carefully structure their payer arrangements within a common framework of financial incentives, quality measures and manageable risk. We provide your ACO with a proprietary cloud based solution that seamlessly combines multiple payer databases to provide you with a single, intuitive analytic platform from which you can manage enterprise wide activity. Our subject matter experts in quality outcomes, reimbursement, analytics and risk modeling will provide initial guidance in customizing your platform as well as ongoing operational support.

  • A single platform to manage system-wide activity.
  • Design and customization.


High Line Health builds upon twenty years of success in developing the analytic solutions and decision support infrastructure needed to manage in today's challenging healthcare environment. It leverages the skills of actuaries, clinical professionals and analysts in the development and design of a cutting edge OLAP platform. High Line then blends this approach through its visualization experts to create easy to use, train-of-thought analytics for clinicians, analysts and program administrators.



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